Sigiriya Day Tour

Sigiriya Rising dramatically from the central plains, the enigmatic rocky outcrop of Sigiriya is perhaps Sri Lanka’s single most dramatic sight. Near-vertical walls soar to a flat-topped summit that contains the ruins of an ancient civilization, thought to be once the epicenter of the short-lived kingdom of Kassapa, and there are spellbinding vistas across mist-wrapped forests in the early morning.

Pickup Katunayaka Bandaranaike International Airport or Hotel
Route Colombo to Sigiriya
Vehicle Private Car or Van (Air Conditioned)
Driver Experienced, Friendly, English Speaking Driver

The Sightseeing will include: Sigiriya Lions Rock, Dambulla Cave Temple. Pindurangala Rock

This around 12-hours private day trip takes you through the world of the ancient king Kasyapa, a world filled with advanced architecture in a rock palace and vivid paintings. It also takes you through the cave temple of Dambulla, with its awe striking art and sculptures. Take this opportunity to see two of the most important places in Sri Lanka’s history.

You will be starting your tour from your hotel at 7:00 am, when you get picked up. You will then be traveling to Sigiriya, the Lion Rock. It will take up to two and a half hours to travel, so you will get there by 10:30 am Sigiriya Rock Fortress that dominates the Sigiriya area was the capital of the King Kasyapa who ruled in the 5th century AD. The rock was once shaped into the shape of a lion, hence gaining its name. Now only the giant paws remain at the entrance to the climb up the rock. You can get to see the gardens and advanced irrigation systems that Kasyapa had built in his fortress. To this day the ponds remain full of water (though it is no longer as clean), and the remains of the walls and moats of his fortress can be seen. However, the most marvelous aspect of Sigiriya,
that brought it international fame, is the unfading rock paintings that continue to confuse many experts. Despite being over a millennia old the colors and shapes remain clear and bright as if they were newly painted. Once you return to the base from your climb up the rock, you can also visit the Sigiriya Museum which has some excellent pieces. You will complete your tour portion in Sigiriya
at 01:00pm. From there you will have lunch at a restaurant of your choice.

Next you will travel to worlds famous Pindurangala Rock. Pidurangala is a massive rock formation located a few kilometers north of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka. It has an interesting history closely related to that of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Climbing to the top of Pidurangala Rock is more strenuous than climbing Sigiriya. If you are fit and adventurous it is a climb worth making. It will take you about two hours. There is far less to see on this site than Sigiriya

You will then travel to Dambulla. The travel time is around 40 minutes. You will reach there by approximately 2:00pm. The Dambulla Cave Temple is believed to be created by King Valagambahu in the 1st century BC, after he was able to find refuge in the old monastery that was then active in the site. The temple is spread over five caves of different sizes. The major portion of the walls of the caved are covered in beautiful murals and figurines of Buddha and Buddhism related figures can be found. The Dambulla Rock Temple a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will be viewing these amazing caves for the next hour. Once your tour of Dambulla is done.

You will be getting back to your hotel at approximately 08.00 pm

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